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Platinum 7X Distilled Vodka 1.5L

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Platinum 7X Distilled Vodka 1.5L

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Clean, refreshing and smooth! Platinum 7X is distilled seven times from American corn. Four distillations are carried out in column stills with the remaining three distillations being made in a special pot still at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Limestone water is added to bring the vodka to bottling proof. The resulting product is remarkable in its clean, refreshing, smooth taste. Very low congener count.
Category Vodka
Region United States
Brand Platinum
Proof 80.00
  • we89

Wine EnthusiastFor those who prefer a vodka on the sweeter side, this bottle offers a light marshmallow scent and lingering notes of sweet vanilla, plus a pleasantly weighty feel on the palate.

Kara Newman, October 1, 2014