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Peligroso Reposado

Peligroso Reposado

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Aged in American Oak whiskey barrels, Peligroso® Reposado delivers a golden color and a spicy fruit finish. This 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila shines when sipped on the rocks or served up in a post surf session margarita. However you roll, we promise you'll be the opposite of disappointed. A well-balanced tequila, our Reposado boasts an initial agave blast and finishes with a spicy fruit finish.
Category Reposado
Country Mexico
Brand Peligroso
Alcohol/vol 40%
  • we85

Wine EnthusiastAt 42% abv, this spirit is distilled hotter than Peligroso’s standard 80 proof line. Although there’s been something of a mania for higher-proof spirits recently, the extra alcohol doesn’t do this reposado any favors, bringing forward notes of smoke, oregano and resin. Consider opting for Peligroso’s fruity standard-issue reposado instead.

May 1, 2012