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St. George Gin Sample Pack 3 pack 200ml
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St. George Gin Sample Pack

3 pack 200ml

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Category Gin
Region California
Brand St. George
Alcohol/vol 45%
Wonderful on their own, but as a set of three-a mini gin tasting flight, if you will-they illustrate the distillers' artistry and sense of expression, and display the potential for craft distillers to put their own personal stamp of their spirits. Terroir Gin: Terroir is a forest in your glass-with ultra woodsy notes of Douglas fir, California bay laurel, sage, and a hint of citrus. 45% alc. Stunning on the rocks or in a martini. Absolutely lovely in a Collins garnished with fresh fennel and bay leaf (or whatever fresh herbs you happen to have on hand). For some, the Douglas fir in this gin immediately triggers an association with Christmas-but for us it's a gin for all seasons. At the height of summer, try Terroir with fresh huckleberries, blueberries, or raspberries for an earthy, brambly delight. Botanivore: This elegant, perfectly balanced, and deeply layered gin is all you need for a damn fine martini. Also? We're pretty convinced it makes the best Gin and Tonic ever. In fact, after extensive research, we've concluded that Botanivore is the friendliest gin we've ever encountered. Fresh and lightly herbaceous, with bright citrus, subtle floral notes, earth, and spice, it plays well in cocktails of any stripe-so get creative and introduce it to the rest of your liquor cabinet! You can't go wrong. 45% alc. Dry Rye: Dry Rye Gin is compelling neat, genre-busting in cocktails. Warm and spicy, it has a natural affinity with bitters, citrus, stone fruit, and ginger. Try it in a Negroni, a Martinez, a Gin Buck-or any classic cocktail that calls for rye whiskey. You'll never look at an Old Fashioned the same way again. 45% alc.

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