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High Goal Luxury Gin 750ml
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High Goal Luxury Gin

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Category Gin
Origin United States, South Carolina
Brand High Goal
Developed over the course of more than a year of meticulous taste testing, High Goal Gin's distinct flavor profile is a reflection of Charleston, South Carolina, and the southeastern region where it's produced. The area has driven High Goal's formulation with the creative use of locally inspired botanicals such as Meyer lemon, mint, juniper, coriander and cardamom, resulting in a light and refreshing drinking experience. The base is six times distilled from corn, using a macerated seeping process to infuse the unique botanicals. Crafted in small batches of just 3,000 bottles at a time, it is best served on the rocks with a slice of lemon and fresh mint, though it can also be enjoyed with a high-quality tonic, club soda, or as a shaken, not stirred (unless you insist) martini for the purists out there.

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