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Freemark Abbey Edelwein Gold 1999 375ml


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Winemaker's notes: The wines of Freemark Abbey stand as a testament to what the rich earth of the Napa Valley is capable of creating when man and nature work in perfect harmony. Edelwein Gold is the epitome of such harmony. Edelwein Gold, a naturally botrytized late-harvest wine, is a rare, collectible win, difficult to make and very limited in production. Produced only when climatic conditions allow the development of Botrytis or "noble rot", which creates concentrated sugar, intense fruit flavors and the perfect acid balance. Freemark Abbey has produced only 10 vintages of this precious golden wine over the last twenty-five years and their pursuit of excellence is evident with the exceptional 1999 vintage. Color: Bright golden color. Aroma: Rich aromas of clover honey, orange marmalade, ripe apples, bananas and peaches. Taste: Ripe peach and honey flavors, with a clean, fresh, lingering finish.
Category Dessert Wine
Country California
Brand Freemark Abbey