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Peroni Nastro Azzuro Lager 6 pack 12 oz.

Peroni Nastro Azzuro Lager 6 pack 12 oz.

SKU 2473-24

6 x 12 oz.

This is the story of a family with a vision. The Peroni family were charismatic, spontaneous and passionate in their attitudes and behaviours. Francesco Peroni founded Birra Peroni, the biggest Italian brewery of its time and the business was going well, but the family liked to challenge conventions and had greater plans in mind. They were always passionate about sailing, the sea and all things nautical. Following the success of the SS Rex, and surrounded by a world of changes in 1960's Italy with cultural icons and iconoclasms abounded, the family decided to create an icon of their own; the first Italian premium lager for the most demanding consumers. An aspirational lager that would embody the sophistication, confidence and innovative character of the great Italian icons of style. A beer which would represent the optimism, creativity and enthusiasm of the era in which it was born.
Category Beer
Region Italy
Brand Peroni
Alcohol/vol 5.1%