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El Dorado White Rum 3 year old

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El Dorado White Rum 3 year old

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The White gold of Guyana, this rum is produced using the subtlest of distillation techniques. The spirit is refined and blended to a smooth perfection, realizing a superior, light, dry white rum with a delicate subtlety of balanced flavours. The rum's versatility makes it the ideal mixer for a long, cool cocktail - refreshingly simple, or, excitingly exotic.
Category Rum
Region Guyana
Brand El Dorado
  • we90-95

Wine EnthusiastEarly aroma sincludes ashy, tarred cinders/asphalt and molasses; following aeration the sweetness element comes to the forefront. The palate is bittersweet, a tad chalk-like and warming, then offers a highly pleasing bitterness. Finishes mellow, cocoa sweet, and lusciously medium-weighted in texture. What all molasses-based white rum should be.

September 1, 2007