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Carib Brewery Lager 6 pack 12 oz.
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Carib Brewery Lager

6 pack 12 oz.

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Category Beer
Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Brand Carib Brewery
Alcohol/vol 5%
Carib is a lager of European origin. It is a pale golden straw colour with a rich head formation. It is slightly aromatic, with a neutral balance between malt and hops, sweet and bitter. Medium-bodied mouth-feel leads directly to a semi-dry finish with only a hint of bitterness. No accented hop or malt character. Refreshing drinkability for a parched and thirsty palate. Diacetyl should not be perceived. Carib is brewed using sugar as an adjunct. The "clean label" policy applies i.e., no additives that have to be declared.

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